Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Global Information Network Update

Learn how to make $5000 and $20,000 dollar cash bonus just for being a member at the end of this year, just sign up as an Affiliate for free then log in, click on the archived communication and listen to the audio updates, their you will find all the information needed to qualify for the $20,000 cash bonus, use visionneer22 to get in.

Also our next Social and Training meeting is going to be on Friday, October 30 - Sunday, November 1, 2009 in beautiful Cancun, Mexico at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. This is going to be our Kickoff! Launch Weekend. Now is the time to join, Now is the time to change if you need change in your life.

Here are some members comments that attended previous events:

"The journey is continuing...this is my second meeting for level 1 and I am so excited. The focus was Feel Good Now. So simple, but a reality. A reality that feeling good now will lead to great successes. Thanks once again and it is a great feeling that someone out there really cares!"

Joy - Salem, IN

"Thank you so much Kevin for everything that you are doing to help us achieve anything we wish! My whole experience here in Zurich has been magical primarily due to the information on "your wish is your command". I look forward to seeing you and Natalie at future events."

Sherman F. - Oaks, CA

"Thank you once again. I can't express with words the feeling I have that I know that everything will be turning out for the better. I just know. Thank you for everything you all are doing. I truly look forward to growing as person, getting and being the person that I want to become, and using my life to help the rest of the world. "

Orlando F. - East Elmhurst, NY

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