Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dropship Companies

If you don't want to work to hard for your money then dropship company is for you, it is a simple yet potentially lucrative investment idea. b2b is a dropship company that I just started, and I would have to say it is probably the easiest business to start. You can start selling right away if you know how to use the Internet to your advantage. If Internet marketing to complicate for you no worries, you can sell on ebay, Or you could just pass out flyer's. No matter how you do it once you get customers to your site the business basically runs its self.

basic example of selling on ebay;

upload items you want to sell with turbolister - edit your items to your liking - choose your shipping price, auction duration, return polices - then send the items to ebay for auction.

that's it.

once you receive your money just order it from your store, they will ship it to your customer with your store name and keep the profits.

Here is a realistic estimate of the amount of money to get started:

  • initial membership 30.00/then monthly
  • paypal acount fees which is around 2% per sale
  • ebay fees for 20 items is around 42.00
total is around 72.00 plus paypal fees. Not bad if you made 20-50 dollars per item which is very possible, in this scenario it more than pays for its self, just focus on selling your products and you may avoid this recession, you are not limited on where you can sell, most dropship companies ship worldwide.

and you can repeat this process everyday, and sell items in other countries.

after 30 day wait period your checks could be coming in every other day, pending how long your auction duration is set to.

all items sold have a 30 day money back guarantee that is why you would have to wait 30 days they explain it all at the website.

StoreB2B.com wholesale electronics dropshipper, supplier. Open your store with us.

check back for more information on investments and ideas for recession.

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